Filming a podcast with Joe Sondow!

This post probably isn’t interesting to anyone but me. But I committed to posting a snippet of my work in progress everyday of this week, so I’m cranking this out before I hit the hay.

Today my friend Joe Sondow and I filmed the first episode of our podcast! Wow, what a thrill!

We both wanted to practice being in front of the camera. Joe also loves to entertain, and I wanted some footage of my coaching and acting. So we just had to do a project together.

We’d made a short list of things we might want to talk about, but we didn’t end up hitting most of those. We just talked and went wherever the conversation took us.

We had planned on filming at most an hour of footage for each episode, but we ended up going for about four hours, until 11pm, before we had to force ourselves to wrap it up. Granted, about half the time was spent on the technical setup, for which Joe deserves all the credit. But that’s still probably two hours of footage, and it was nary a dull moment. …At least for us. We’ll see how the video turned out 😉

Without having done any editing yet, I’ve already gained the following from today’s exercise:

  • I’m getting more comfortable seeing myself on camera. I’m starting to see myself as someone else would see me, differentiating between moments on screen instead of between the screen and my mental image of myself.
  • I got some good feedback on what I do that looks good or doesn’t. When I film for someone else’s project, I often don’t see any footage until months later. By then, I can’t remember what I was doing or feeling or what take they ended up using. This was much more immediate feedback.
  • I noticed some of my little habits that are distracting.

Our overall impression of our work so far: NOT BAD!

selfie not bad


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