You know you love your job when…

  • You wake up at dawn and spring out of bed to start working!
  • Thinking about your day’s todos makes you feel like a kid at a candy store

  • You realize it’s 2pm and you haven’t had lunch
  • You realize it’s past your bedtime but you still have so much to do!
  • You can’t fall asleep because your brain is still buzzing with ideas and possibilities
  • Thanks to your newly acquired poor sleep habits, you desperately need a nap. But…can’t…let go…of the keyboard…
  • Hot tub suddenly sounds boring
  • You have date in ten minutes that you completely forgot about! Is there any socially acceptable way to cancel at this point…?

Ok, maybe I love my job to an unhealthy degree. I really do need to sleep more. I will perhaps follow my own advice for sleeping on time… Thanks, past me!


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