Whole Life Challenge Day 1

It’s the morning of the first day of the Whole Life Challenge, and I’m off to a terrible start!

Nutrition Fail

This morning, as I took out eggs (for my healthy breakfast of poached eggs), I discovered some communal pizza leftovers. It wasn’t until thirty seconds of microwaving later, when my teeth were making their way into the cheese, that I remembered about the nutrition part of the challenge.

Then I decided I didn’t feel at all bad about eating pizza in the morning, so I had second slice with my poached eggs.

Sleep Fail

Last night I slept six hours instead of the eight that I’d set for myself.

Going to bed at my usual 11pm was difficult because my mind had sunk deep into its underground realm of self-doubt and relationship issues. When I’m out of that realm, I can see it for what it is – a bad cold that’ll blow over with a little rest and self-care. But especially at night it can feel like a terminal illness. I couldn’t leave the living room, the company of my roommates, for the solitude of the bedroom.

Then this morning I woke up at 6:30am for no good reason, as usual.


My main goal in doing this challenge is to be able to trust myself, which means doing the habits simply because I said I would. I want to come out of this challenge feeling like I can respect my commitments to myself. That’s the only way I can start making commitments to others.

So the next time I’m faced with a temptation to renege on one of my seven habits, I’ll try this: Would I rather have this, or would I rather be able to trust myself?


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