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I began acting and modeling professionally in June 2015 in San Francisco, CA. I performed in independent films, web series, commercials, lifestyle modeling, improv, and sketch comedies. I owe much of my success to my wonderful agent in SF, NYLO Model & Talent.

In May 2016 I moved back to my hometown Atlanta, GA in large part to pursue film acting more seriously. I’m currently seeking representation in Atlanta.

Acting Strengths

I’m pretty proud of my booking ratio, which is 6 auditions for every 1 booking. Besides my “look,” here’s why I book, from what I can tell so far:

Pivoting: I enjoy taking direction, especially curveballs, and changing my character’s whole perspective on the spot during an audition or on set.

Professionalism: As a former Product Manager at Google and various startups, I know how to show up, work on a team, and get ‘er done.

Cold reads and memorization: I love cold reading as well as memorizing lines at lightning speed!

Character work: As a life coach, I study and understand people on both an intuitive and analytical level. I apply the same techniques to my acting work.

Auditioning attitude: I love auditioning, as it’s an opportunity to impress the pants off everyone in the room. Whether I book or not is pretty irrelevant during the audition and isn’t a reflection of my worth as an actor. I assume I won’t get the work because, statistically, I won’t. Auditions are works in themselves.

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