Not only are we capable of change, we are in fact constantly changing. To purposefully choose how we will change is the fun, hard work of life.

Your life doesn’t have to be ordinary. But it also doesn’t have to be extraordinary. It just has to be Yours.

And no one but you can decide what that means. My job is quite simple: To provide a safe space and tools for you to explore and create Your Life.

I’m currently open to new clients. I only take on clients who already have a regular practice of some sort, such meditation, exercise, journaling, eating well, Kung Fu, etc. This just tells me that you’re willing to put in the work and that you’ve already tried some things and are looking to coaching as an additional strategy.

I offer sessions during the following hours:
Mon 9am – 9pm
Wed 9am – 9pm
Sat 9am – 5pm
Sun 9am – 5pm

I’m located near Atlanta, GA, but I coach exclusively over the phone. I find that clients, including myself when I’m working with my coach, work better when they have a sense of being alone in their own personal space.

Email me at sonica.y.li@gmail.com or use the contact form for a free 2-hour introductory coaching and discussion session. You will get a sense of how I work, and if it’s not a good fit, I’m happy to recommend other amazing coaches.


About Sonica

profile imageMy first career involved formal training in Computer Science at Cornell University. Most of my corporate years were spent at Google as a software engineer, product manager, and leadership trainer. Working at Google was, in some ways, as amazing as they say, and in other ways just another desk job.

After several failed attempts to pursue more meaningful work than “increasing user engagement” on the Internet (I taught at a middle school, did film acting, freelance writing, …), I decided to explore my long abandoned dream of being a therapist and began volunteering at a suicide and crisis hotline. This helped me decide to pursue coaching.

These days, in addition to coaching, I’m a psychology researcher at Georgia State University studying mindfulness, humility, and forgiveness. I’m also pursuing a Masters and license in Counseling Psychology.

When I’m not coaching or conducting research, I enjoy improv, tap dancing, and playing the drums in a band!

I hold a coaching certification from International Coach Federation (ICF) and another certification from the largest, oldest, and most life-changing (in my completely unbiased opinion, of course 😉 ) coaching school, Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Use this page to verify a coach’s ICF credentials
Use this page to verify a coach’s CTI credentials


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