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“The biggest change was becoming “awake”, e.g., realizing you aren’t in the ideal place that is best for you, having clarity around what your new goals are, just working towards it. It doesn’t happen overnight, you just have to be patient.”

— Michael


“Your coaching is magical.”

— L


“I’ve worked with Sonica for multiple sessions now and she’s tremendously talented!
Her coaching seriously helped me outline my priorities so that I could get started working on them. Before a recent session, I was anxious and unproductive. After our session, I was energized and excited to tackle my to do list.

“On a personal level, Sonica had me examining feelings and motivations in a way I never have on my own, and while it was challenging at times, the end result was great and the process let me better understand myself.”

— W


“It was like I was going in one direction down my life, and this semi truck came and T-boned me!”

— H


“During my time being coached, I was able to make real discoveries about myself that helped to shift how I thought of myself and my life. This has allowed me to put dreams into action and begin accomplishing great things. Sonica not only listened, she was supportive and encouraged me to embody my great potential. I am forever grateful for her coaching and for providing the space for me grow.”

— S