Mosquito bites and behavioral addiction

Nowhere can behavioral addiction be more tangibly illustrated than in mosquito bites. Of which I have nine.

You’re going through your day just fine, and then one of them starts to itch a little. And you think, “Sure, I’ll indulge in a little scratch.” Before you know it, they’re all inflamed, and scratching is no longer a one-time, casual indulgence; it’s a cycle of desperate need.

In the gap between the mild itch and the inflamed, burning itch lies the last easy choice. If you choose your way into the cycle, choice will become so difficult that you’ll believe you don’t have any. You do, technically. You can still choose to writhe and spasm and scratch any other part of your body…

But if you can choose to create more and more distance between you and the itch, the choice doesn’t quite go away, but at least it stays relatively easy.

At least I think so. I don’t know, I haven’t succeeded at this.