Dream: A spy in prison

Last night I dreamed about being a spy again for the first time in years. In high school and college, it was a recurring theme, usually involving an assassination assignment.

Last night’s dream also involved

  • A “deformed” girl and her mother, likely inspired by The Glass Menagerie
  • Time-travel to the past and future of my secret agent partner’s life, in which he married said girl, lived on the floor of a kitchen in her mother’s apartment, and was very happy
  • Being in prison with my best friend
  • Running from a timed bomb in an elevator that didn’t work so well
  • Being obliged to download and use an annoying Android app on my iPhone (I am not a religious Apple-ite in waking life)



The three of us – my partner and I and a South American spy we’d picked up along the way – had been wandering for quite some time around what we’d thought was a long-deserted prison in Cuba.

The South American spy was a middle-aged mother who told us about her “deformed” daughter whom no one wanted to marry. We’d decided to join forces with her because we shared similar missions but also because it was just the three of us on the whole campus, and we’d run into her repeatedly anyway. It was the polite thing to do.

She was quite careless in her search methods, however, and had accidentally set off two bombs already. I was growing a bit annoyed with her, but my time traveling earlier in the dream had revealed her importance in my partner’s life (he would marry her daughter someday), so I accepted that she would be with us for a while. Continue reading “Dream: A spy in prison”